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What to Bring to Your Appointment

Always bring your completed:

  • Updated Health Insurance Information
  • SNI Health Questionnaire
  • Also, please feel free to bring a family member or close friend

If you have had any of the following please try to obtain them prior to your appointment:

  • Hospital discharge summaries
  • Operative Reports from prior nasal or sinus surgery
  • Sinus culture results
  • Surgical pathology reports
  • Sinus imaging studies (CT or MRI) – actual films are best but reports can be useful
  • Blood test results from last five years
  • Allergy test results
  • Breathing test results

The information that you bring to your appointment will be scanned into or electronic medical record. If for some reason, you will be unable to keep your appointment please call in advance to notify us so that other patients may use your appointment slot.