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Are We On Time for Our Appointments?

We make every effort to be timely with the appointment we have scheduled for you and it is a priority! When we do occasionally run behind we do ask your understanding.

Our first priority, is helping each person with their individual needs and this can be challenging to appropriately schedule for. For example, your individual needs may be difficult to assess by our schedulers. Alternately, new problems may arise for you between the time you scheduled your appointment and the day you are seen. This introduces some uncertainty to the length of time needed for your appointment and therefore at times our office may run behind. Sometimes patients arrive late for their appointment due to extenuating circumstances (e.g. their flight to their appointment is delayed). Rarely, we are called upon for an emergency which can cause us to dramatically change our schedules at short notice.

To help us do our best job, please call us if you are running late for your appointment or if you cannot keep your appointment.